5 Sweater Trends That Are In and Out This Season

It just doesn’t feel right to think about sweaters when it’s still 90ºF in the shade and everyone on your Instagram feed seems to be on the Amalfi Coast. Trust me—I get it. But fall is slowly approaching and you’ll soon find yourself reaching for a sweater. I, for one, am ready for that after these past few months of heat and humidity. I’m also in the middle of moving, so after days of packing and a deep closet clean out, I was forced to take note of the sweaters I find myself gravitating toward and which ones I don’t reach for. Fall happens to be my favorite season, so I’ve found myself purchasing sweaters rather impulsively in the past, but I’m determined to shop smarter this season. 

Sweaters are one of those items that you’ll probably want to invest in classic versions of before trends, but sometimes the classics become trends and vice versa. I’m not nixing trendier styles for good, but rather prioritizing the ones that seem to get more wear throughout the season. What’s unpractical for me may be a stellar fit for you, so feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt. Scroll on to shop my top sweater style and which ones are taking a backseat for me this season.

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