This Chic 50-Year-Old Just Convinced Me I Need These Basics

As an avid lurker on fashion TikTok, my feed usually consists of trend predictions, thrifting hauls, and a plethora of outfits of the day. Usually, I find myself looking at the same slew of fashion people based in New York City or Copenhagen. But sometimes, I discover someone with such impeccable style, someone who makes me immediately hit the follow button. That was the case with Larissa Mills, who went viral after her daughter began posting her mom’s outfits, which everyone, including me, wanted more of. At 50 years old, Mills is living proof that trends and style have no age limit. 

Mills’s outfits usually consist of relaxed silhouettes, elevated basics, and various brands at high and low prices, from Cartier to Anthropologie. She has perfected effortless style, and I’m always taking notes once she posts her daily looks. Needless to say, she’s always giving me a little more style inspiration, and I know she’ll do the same for you. Keep scrolling to see the summer basics I’m prioritizing right now. 

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