The European Vacation Packing List: 29 Cute Pieces We Love

Each year, I stockpile my time off to take one big trip just at the start of the summer. This year, I’m setting off in early June as the flights are cheaper, cities are less overrun with tourists, and the heat hasn’t fully set in like the unbearably blistering months of July and August. My entire vacation involves a 3-week trip traversing around Europe. Paris and London will be my main stops, but I’m letting my intuition and spur-of-the-moment vibes dictate the rest. Needless to say, a trip this long requires a lot of clothes, especially if you can’t necessarily count on laundry access. It’s also a great excuse to shop for cute things. (I finally have carte blanche to buy all of the sandals, linen, and crochet pieces that have been on my mind for the past month).

Since my travels perfectly align with everyone else on my feed (I’ve already seen the Positano and Mallorca Instagram geotags coming in), chances are this list will be relevant for you too. Keep scrolling for a rundown of all the items I’ve added to my cart.

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