9 Low-Rise Jeans Outfits That Are Actually So Wearable

As someone who has practically lived in high-rise jeans for the past seven years or so, trust me when I tell you that I was skeptical when low-rise jeans started becoming a thing again. But now, many months later, here I am encouraging you to try them because they’re cool. Still don’t believe me? I spent the better part of an hour scrolling through only the chicest girls’ Instagram feeds to prove it.

Below, you’ll find nice outfits that show just how wearable the once-scary denim trend can be. The easiest-to-wear version is slouchy, baggy low-rise jeans. You might also be interested to know that very few of these outfits show any midriff, and when they do, it’s just a sliver.

I, for one, am fully convinced I should try the low-rise look, and I even recently purchased this perfect pair of Reformation jeans. Scroll on to see the looks I’d wear them with, all of which are interchangeable between low-rise jeans and pants. Good luck. (But you don’t really need it—these outfits are a piece of cake to pull off.)

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