6 Emerging Brands Making Jewelry More Than an Afterthought

It’s the customary steps that define the ritual of getting dressedundergarments first, then clothes, and lastly jewelry (or accessories) as the finishing touch. But sometimes a piece of jewelry is so good that it demands to be the center of it all. Asserting itself as the star, rather than a supporting cast member. In direct contrast to the minimalist jewelry wave that brought us dainty micro huggie earrings and barely there chains, is a pool of emerging designers that are thinking big with their pieces. Their creations feel like works of art worthy of museum exhibits than simply items to fancy up an outfit. The metal is chunkier, the stones more ornate, and the designs more 3D and noticeably in your face than the jewelry we’ve noticed in a while. It’s also interesting to note that the names behind these bold designs are relatively fresh faces on the fashion scene, recently emerging within the past few years.

From botany-inspired earrings to amorphic statement rings, keep clicking below to discover six rising brands making jewelry more than an afterthought.

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