I Just Visited Miami—6 Summer 2023 Trends To Note

A weekend in Miami has never failed to lift my spirits. My love for the city has come to a point where I visit at least once a season, I’m just always coming back for more. While I’m a huge fan of staying in South Beach, this time around I decided to book a room in Brickell to experience what it’s really like to live in Miami. The highlights of my weekend included my very own private balcony at Atwell Suites, a real treat for a New Yorker who dreams of getting more outdoor time, and a multi-course dinner at Gitano that put an elevated twist on Mexican food that I instantly fell in love with. There’s always something going on in this sunny city so I also got to stop by the Miami Open and have a day trip to Key Biscayne.

Activities aside, I feel like people don’t talk about fashion in Miami enough. You see, Miami is a city that’s always several steps ahead of summer trends. While I was visiting during what might be considered the beginning of spring in New York, people in Miami were already dressing for summer. After noticing quite a few of my favorite trends on vacation goers and residents of the city, I decided to pull out my notes app and take some things down. I’m officially convinced to buy into these 6 summer trends, join me in shopping for them.

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