5 Petite Looks I Styled for Rachel Bilson’s NYC Press Tour

As unfortunate as it is, most clothes weren’t designed with petite people in mind. Count the 5’10” and above models on the runway for proof. Yet many celebrities that err on the shorter side still manage to pull off incredible high-fashion looks on a regular basis. The “how” attached to that has one simple answer: stylists. 

When it comes to dressing the petite population in Hollywood, celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez is one of the absolute best, with clients such as Jessica Simpson (5’3″), Kristen Bell (5’1″), and Rachel Bilson (5’2″). Knowing that, when Bilson’s looks from her New York City press tour for the Fox show Accused hit Instagram recently, it felt only right for us to get the inside scoop on each of her outfits from the trip. Keep scrolling for Chavez’s petite-styling tips, every detail surrounding Bilson’s NYC looks, and so much more.

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