Hailey Bieber Wore the Most Controversial Leggings in Aspen

When fashion items are deemed “out,” they fall into one of two categories. Either they’ve simply hit their peak for the time being and are expected to return to grace in the future, or they’re so hated by then that we collectively promise never to wear them again. Leather leggings, similar to extra-low-rise jeans and whale tails, fell into the latter group. But just like its neighbors on the list, the controversial legging style is unexpectedly back. For proof, see Hailey Bieber.

During her and Kylie Jenner’s holiday trip to Aspen for New Year’s Eve, the model and Rhode founder was spotted downtown wearing an all-black après-ski outfit consisting of an oversize, belted Saint Laurent coat, sunglasses, and a Le 5 À 7 shoulder bag as well as Loewe leather puffer boots and matching leggings—leather leggings just like the ones she used to wear on repeat back in the late 2010s. Oddly enough, this time around, her choice of skintight bottoms didn’t result in the ick like it would have even just a few months ago. Instead, I get the feeling that leather leggings will be back to reigning in the fashion world in no time now that they have Bieber’s stamp of approval. 

Check out her Aspen look and shop leather leggings below. 

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